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Rug Explosion!

A custom order that I had been collecting fabric for fell through yesterday.  It’s no big deal, in fact, it is one of the challenges of working with recycled fabrics and doing custom work.  Sometimes I’m just not able to find fabrics that will make the kind of rug that the customer is envisioning.  So, that happened.  I’ve been sitting on these gorgeous fabrics collected for me by my fabric soul mate, Jennie.  I swear, I describe to her what I’m looking for, and she knows exactly what I want.  Having her as my fabric scout is so awesome.

So, like I said, I’ve been holding these fabrics for this rug and once I found out they were no longer needed for that rug, I went a little crazy and had a little rug explosion with some of the fabrics that were set aside for that order.  I made these three yesterday.

Cotton Crochet Rug Granny Smith Apple and White

Bathroom Rug Speckled Green with Orange


Cotton Crochet Rug Coral Orange and White Flecks


Back to cutting and crocheting.

  • Jennie Thoma

    Oh, what an awesome explosion! You’re going to make some people very happy with these new rugs :)