EKRA | Emily Kircher Recycling Artist
Little Projects.

Most of my custom orders are for large rugs, but last week I got two requests for smaller items.  I was able to bust them out in no time compared to my normal orders!

The first one was for two baskets, each 10″x6″.  I haven’t made any baskets for awhile and boy did my hands get mad at me!  They were achy and I got a blister on my finger!  My hands have lots of callouses on them, but I guess I hold the hook differently when I make baskets and it was rubbing on a non-calloused section of my finger.  These will be headed to Minnesota.


The second small custom order was for a rug that was 23″x17″.  Now, I normally crochet round and round.  But I’ve noticed that when I make rectangles like that, the corners are kind of funky and aren’t nice straight right angles like I’d like them to be.  Also, I have a custom order that I’ll be working on soon that is going to be 8′x3′.  I’ll have to crochet that one back and forth, and I haven’t done that in awhile, so I used this custom order as an opportunity to brush up on that way of crocheting.  Good news! I like the corners a lot better this way!  Also, good news, I hold the hook differently when I crochet like this too, so the blister that I formed crocheting the baskets is rapidly callousing up!  This rug will be headed out to Burbank, CA.