EKRA | Emily Kircher Recycling Artist
Swing and a miss.

Remember this rug?  A work in progress that was meant to be 8′x3′?  Well, I sent this picture to the customer that ordered it and it wasn’t what she was looking for.  As much as I hate to admit it, I’m not perfect at making custom rugs.  Sometimes I miss the mark on the color or style.  I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to create what she was envisioning, but I’m glad we discovered it before the rug was completely finished.  We agreed to cancel the order so now this rug is up for grabs. Right now the rug is at 36″x 28″.  I’m planning on making it 3′x5′ and adding it to my “ready to ship” section in my etsy store.  Unless anyone wants dibs on it and you can tell me how long you would like it to be! You can leave me a comment or contact me through my etsy store or facebook page if you are interested.

  • Scoop45

    It is beautiful, regardless of whether is isn’t exactly what you intended.

    • emily