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Custom Work.

Last week I got my first custom order for a mosaic frame since I started making them again late last year.  After doing pretty much nothing but custom crocheted rugs for nearly 2 years, I was enjoying a break from custom work, enjoying the freedom to work on whatever I felt like.  But then a woman contacted me to ask me if I could make her a frame for her friend that is moving away.  She wanted a map frame that included places that were special to her friend and her.  I was so excited to make this frame for her!  It was so nice to be connected to a customer again.  I mean, it is wonderful to make something and have someone think it is a nice enough thing to buy.  But to have someone contact you to make something extra special, just for them, that will have significance for them, well, that is really really awesome.  I realized I really missed my custom work, and I’m so grateful that this customer helped me realize that.  So, I’m working on creating some designs that will be customizable.  There will be these map frames where you can choose your own locations, and I’m working on making mosaic tiles with vintage fabrics (all the fabric I bought for rugs has really been bringing me down now that I have to look at it and not be able to crochet with it).  I’m happy that I figured out something I can use it for!  And I have just about every color under the sun, so I’m going to make a few and have the option to contact me to see if I can make a color that matches your decor.  And, something I used to do I’m going to offer again, making a frame with a plate or cup of your own that you send me.  That is a really wonderful way to use a special piece of china that is maybe chipped or broken in a way where you can display it and enjoy it.  One special order I had a few years ago was to take a china platter and make 4 frames, one for each of the children of the woman whose platter it had been.  AND, I think I’m also going to offer a “send me your fabric/clothing” and I’ll make a frame with it.  This would be another great way to take something that was special, but worn out, and use it again.

So, after all that, you want to see the custom map frame I made for this latest customer?  Here it is!  If you have any ideas for custom frames, I’d love to hear them!






  • Jennie

    The map frame turned out so awesome! I love that idea, and think it will be a big hit.