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Vintage Fabric Tile Mosaics

I’ve been posting these on my Facebook page, but here’s a little bit more about the inspiration and thought process that went into these.

When I moved to Carbondale from Madison, I stopped doing mosaics because of the lack of supplies for them (ie. thrift store plates).  When I found out about the nerve damage due to too much crocheting, I went back to mosaics, but found out again how difficult it is to find supplies down here.  I hunted online and found a china replacement service who sells their chipped china by the pound.  But, I didn’t have any control over what I would get, so I didn’t feel like I had that much control over what I would make.  Blah.

Back in Madison, I made a few frames where I put clear glass over playing cards to make fun tiles.  I revisited that idea, but this time I put clear glass over fabric.  I have SO MUCH FABRIC and I feel like it is a great collection of colors and designs, definitely more “me” than random chipped china I can get in the mail.  So, it worked! And I’m making lots of fun mosaic frames with these new “fabric tiles.”

Also, I know a lot of people hang on to special clothes, or purchase pretty fabric without a project in mind for it, so I have a listing in my store where I’ll make one of these fabric tile frames with YOUR fabric!


Vintage Yellow Fabric Frame


Pink and Green Paisley


Vintage Pink Roses

  • Jennie

    What an awesome idea, Emily! WTG!