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Playing with Plants.

Yesterday I crocheted a tiny little basket for my air plant to live in. I posted a picture on my EKRA Facebook page and I got such a good response, I started thinking about adding them to my etsy store!



I think these little planters would be awesome party or wedding favors, little tiny hostess gifts, or just for you or anyone because they are so FREAKING CUTE!!!!


I don’t know much about air plants though, so I wouldn’t want to sell them (or resell them since I would just order them from someone else and pop them in my baskets).  I love succulents, though, and know how to care for them well enough that I feel I could inform others on how to care for them.  I got up this morning and made some tiny planters that could hold soil for succulents.  I poked some holes in a plastic cap from a soda bottle, put in about a teaspoon of dirt, and added one of my many itty bitty succulents.

Don’t they look so happy sitting in the window? I’d love to share these with the world, but I’m not sure about shipping them.  Ship so that one could assemble on arrival?  Ship just the planter and make it “get your own plant”?  I guess I could offer several options.  I’m just so excited about my new little cutie planters!

  • Candy

    They are so cute! You could put a little bit of dirt in a ziploc and a succulent start in another with a smidge of water and they’d ship well, I think, especially when it’s not freezing anymore.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/laurie.tiscione Laurie Tiscione

    Love these! What a great idea.

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