EKRA | Emily Kircher Recycling Artist
Another year older.

Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and to those who took advantage of my birthday sale.  It was a big success!  My actual birthday was a really awesome day.  We headed up to Milwaukee to see my brother’s band Jaill play Friday, May 4 – but their show started after midnight, so really the very early hours of my birthday, Sat May 5.  The band wished me a happy birthday – how fun!  After some sleep we went to a Brewers game with my parents and my brother.  That could have been better, it was a miserable 10-1 loss to the Cardinals.  But after that, we went and drowned our sorrows in tacos.  I took a nap and then went to see the Generationals with Aaron and my brother.  My brother knows the band so I didn’t think anything of it when he went to the green room before they played to say hello to them.  Come to find out, he asked if they could wish me a happy birthday too! What fun! So, I took full advantage of my birthday, starting the celebrating at 12:01 and not finishing up until 11:59.  It is going to be a tough birthday to beat.


I’ve been crocheting some rugs and saving them until after the sale to list.  I have two of them up in my etsy store now.  I pulled a bunch of neutral toned fabrics and then let them speak to me.  Here’s what the fabrics wanted to be: