NO!: GOMEZ (#26, APR 27 2005).


"Detroit Swing 66"
from In Our Gun

Live at
Orpheum Theatre
Madison, WI
Apr 27, 2005

Surprising fact: There are rabid Gomez fans in or around Madison. Shocking, I know. I hadn't paid Gomez much attention myself in about five years -- so little attention, in fact, that I screwed up the title card for this clip. When I Googled the lyrics, I mistakenly read "Detroit Swing 66 (In Our Gun)" as the complete title of the song, rather than the song and the album it's from. Whoops.

Anyway, these rabid fans. We got pretty decent seats, even though it seemed like we were kind of far back in the line before the doors opened. But right in front of us were these people who just went nuts when Gomez came out, who danced and high-fived each other throughout the set. The intro to every song was a new moment of awakening bliss for them. I'll admit that, while I enjoyed the set, I enjoyed quietly mocking them more.

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