NO!: ROBBERS ON HIGH STREET (#289, JUL 14 2007).

Robbers on High Street

"Across Your Knee" (18.5 MB)
from Grand Animals

High Noon Saloon
Madison, WI
July 14, 2007

Looking at the audio for these clips, I suspect that the battery in my mic filter (which is meant to keep the bass from overwhelming everything else) is dead, since the frequencies aren't clipped at all. The good news is that the baseline quality of the external mics is much better than the camera's poor built-in mic, and everything here sounds pretty decent. This was the one worry I had about these mics, since there is no indicator of remaining power and I didn't know how long the battery would last (about six months, it turns out). This song, the first track from their new album, is driven by the acoustic guitar and piano lines, which helps a lot, but the rest of the stuff I've recorded since then has been OK as well.

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