NO!: MATT AND KIM (#292, JUL 19 2007).

Matt and Kim

"Yea Yeah" (21.4 MB)
from Matt and Kim

The Middle East (Upstairs)
Cambridge, MA
July 19, 2007

It's weird, I probably would not have gone to see Matt and Kim and they played in Madison. Their overdriven and reversed take on early Mates of State never seemed that interesting to me, but I noted yesterday, there was just nothing else to see in Boston while I was there. So in the crazy heat and humidity, I headed down one T stop to Central Square and stood in line for ten minutes to get into the upstairs, all the while getting in the way of people who were just hanging out in the bar. Why was the line stopped? No clue; they just stopped moving people in at one point. Then we started up again and packed into what turned out to be a much smaller room than I expected.

It seems that Matt and Kim, now in Brooklyn, are both New Englanders, and have played the greater Boston area many times. Kim's family was in the house, as were lots of hardcore fans. As you can see during this clip of their big hit single, they were pretty much all ready to go nuts throughout the entire set.

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