NO!: MATT AND KIM (#294, JUL 19 2007).

Matt and Kim

"Someday" (14.5 MB)
from Matt and Kim

The Middle East (Upstairs)
Cambridge, MA
July 19, 2007

It's weird, but the first band at this show -- How Are We, Hawaii? -- was really bad, and yet had what seemed to be a core of extremely enthusiastic fans near the front of the room. Many of these same people were the craziest of the Matt and Kim fans, even though the bands don't sound much alike at all. The whole atmosphere of the show was actually much more unified and community-oriented than I would've expected for a big city show, and not much like the show I saw in San Francisco last spring. Hopefully someday I'll get a chance to go back and see if that's always the case.

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