NO!: THE VILLAINS OF VERONA (#303, AUG 25 2007).

The Villains of Verona

"Debut" (18.9 MB)

Orpheum Stagedoor
Madison, WI
August 25, 2007

A couple days after getting back from DC, I'm walking down State St. and I literally do a double-take and spin around as I pass by a kiosk. The Hush Sound playing at the Orpheum? Great! The Box Social opening? Super! The Villains of Verona also opening? ... Who?

These guys seem pretty new, and the material on their Myspace page doesn't really do them justice; they sound much better live. They are similar to the Hush Sound and a third Chicago band called 1997 (Chicago suddenly seems to be the epicenter of boy-girl rock harmonies), and were certainly well-received by the early arrivals to this show. Their debut LP is out soon and should be one to look out for.

Posted by Aaron S. Veenstra ::: 2007:08:27:08:00