NO!: THE BOX SOCIAL (#169, SEP 7 2006)

The Box Social

"Hot Damn!"
from Golly Gee Whiz

Live at
The Annex
Madison, WI
September 7, 2006


When the Box Social opened for Rainer Maria last month, this was one of the few non-new songs they played; it's also my favorite track from their second EP, Golly Gee Whiz. They had a core of about a dozen of their own fans present for their set, whom I expect enjoyed the material quite a bit, but they really should've gotten a lot more out of being on a bill with Rainer Maria. Unfortunately, Madison scheduling rules were in effect -- nobody shows up until an hour and a half after the posted start time, right in the middle of the second band's set. There may have been some of the Rainer Maria draw already there by then, but I doubt it was more than a few people. These guys are one of a number of Madison bands that are in a position to take advantage of the exposure afforded by opening for national acts, and it would be nice if our local venues and promoters found a way to make that work. Shows that start at "9:00" but where the headliners don't go on until after midnight don't quite cut it.

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