NO!: MASON PROPER (#188, DEC 8 2006).

Mason Proper

"Miss Marylou Carreau" (19.9 MB)
from There Is a Moth Inside Your Chest

Live at
Club 770
Madison, WI
December 8, 2006


Mason Proper are from the Ann Arbor area, which has at least as distinct a musical scene from Detroit's as Madison's is from Milwaukee's, but I think they fit well with the post-White Stripes rock sound that's coming out of Detroit. They're not as spazzy as Thunderbirds Are Now!, but they definitely are in that vein. The recommendations at connect them to the Talking Heads and I think that's reasonably accurate. Also, check out that guy plugging and unplugging stuff in his Suitcase of Vintage Keyboard Guts. That's pretty cool!

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