NO!: BLACK FRANCIS (#506, JUL 11 2009).

Black Francis

"The Holiday Song" (10.4 MB)
from Come On Pilgrim

High Noon Saloon
Madison, WI
July 11, 2009

It's sort of fitting that this podcast should end with Frank Black playing an early Pixies song, since seeing the Pixies in late 2004 was what prompted me to get a small digital camera I could take into shows. This show provided as much excitement as that Pixies show, surprisingly, with so many songs I really wanted to hear ("Cactus" and "Bullet" were the highlights).

Now I'm on sort of a permanent holiday. I hope to get back to something like this in the near future, but it'll be more irregular and a bit thicker. I'm thinking about getting into the show-booking business, and it might be tied to that. We'll see. Until then, it's been fun.

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