NO!: SO MANY DYNAMOS (#162, SEP 29 2006).

So Many Dynamos

new song?

Live at
Der Rathskeller
Madison, WI
September 29, 2006

The thing I really like about Rathskeller/Terrace/Club 770 shows is that they're so damn punctual. Every other venue in Madison is totally unpredictable when it comes to starting on time -- the campus shows start when they're scheduled and they're done by midnight. What this means is that if I want to skip an opening band I'm not familiar with, I can. In the case of So Many Dynamos, opening for Harvey Danger, I walked in about halfway through their set and now I wish I'd gotten there on time. I'd never heard of them before this show, but their energetic, spazzy sound -- reminiscent of Thunderbirds Are Now! -- quickly won me over, and dragged me to their merch table. As luck would have it, the song I recorded is not on any of their three CD's, which means it's either on their split 7" with Bring Back the Guns or it's new. I ordered the 7" a couple days ago, so I'll know for sure soon enough.

Posted by Aaron S. Veenstra ::: 2006:10:02:08:00