NO!: HARVEY DANGER (#163, SEP 29 2006).

Harvey Danger

"Oh! You Pretty Things" & "Cream and Bastards Rise"
from David Bowie & Little By Little...

Live at
Der Rathskeller
Madison, WI
September 29, 2006


Over the course of the last and the next week or so, Madison has hosted or will host Everclear, Veruca Salt, Gin Blossoms and Harvey Danger; the first three are at the relatively pricey Club Majestic, while the last played a free show in the Memorial Union's dining hall. The show was one of my most anticipated of the year. Harvey Danger's debut album -- a set of demos, really, that accidentally turned into something real thanks to their one-hit-wonderdom -- is one of my all-time favorites, with six songs I still love to listen to frequently while most other 1997 releases have faded into my dusty CD shelves.

After their second album got corporated into obscurity, the band disappeared for several years and return with a self-released effort last year -- you can download it freely and legally from their site. This clip features a slight, loopy cover of David Bowie's "Oh! You Pretty Things," as well as the lead single from their new record, a return-to-form snarkfest called "Cream and Bastards Rise." The crowd reaction says a lot to me, considering many of the people in the audience were 12 when this band was close to becoming a big deal. Their music is just that ingratiating.

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