NO!: HARVEY DANGER (#164, SEP 29 2006).

Harvey Danger

"Moral Centralia"
from Little By Little...

Live at
Der Rathskeller
Madison, WI
September 29, 2006

Early on in the set, singer Sean Nelson apologized for his voice, which he said he'd wracked the previous night in Champaign. You can hear it starting to go in this clip, which was probably the eighth or ninth song of the set. All things considered, I was really impressed by how he pushed through the problems he was having, even though it was clear that there were some notes he just couldn't hit. He got help from the audience in some places (most notably on "Picture, Picture," which included a scheduled audience participation portion, and "Carlotta Valdez," on which it was just spontaneous) but he really seemed disappointed in himself for not being able to put on a full-strength show. He even offered (jokingly?) to put on the guest-list anybody who wanted to go out to Seattle for one of their hometown shows. While probably no one will take him up on that, tomorrow's clip shows just how amazingly he made up for his injured voice at the end of this show.

Posted by Aaron S. Veenstra ::: 2006:10:04:08:00