NO!: THE BOX SOCIAL (#273, JUN 2 2007).

The Box Social

"Why Oh Why" (18.4 MB)
from Get Going

The Annex
Madison, WI
June 2, 2007

I only wound up recording one clip from the Box Social's set (though they've got more that they'll be putting up somewhere), partly because I already have tons of footage of them laying around, but also because I wanted to go jump around on the floor. This song in particular is probably the biggest grower of their new record for me -- the first time I heard it I thought it was a dud, but now I find the tune sticking me pretty tightly. If you'd like it to stick with you, well, you can buy the record online, in a number of fine record shops, at one of two Milwaukee release shows on Saturday, or at the High Noon Saloon tonight, where the band will be opening for the legendary Local H, to whom they owe a bit of a stylistic debt. Should be a good one, I'd wager.

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