NO!: DEAR AUGUST (#274, JUN 10 2007).

Dear August

new song? (18.0 MB)

Marquette Waterfront Festival
Madison, WI
June 10, 2007

I only had a chance to see one band at this year's Marquette Waterfront Festival, and coincidentally it turned out to be a kind of similar outfit to Charlemagne, the only band I had a chance to see last year. Dear August (fka Box Elder) played an enjoyable set of folk-pop in the vein of R.E.M.'s early Byrds-y stuff or, let's say, the Byrds. Unfortunately, I had to bug out and didn't have time to buy their record, so I don't know if this song is from that (though a quick scan of the titles makes me think not) or from their forthcoming follow-up.

Being outdoors, this set also gave me a chance to experiment with my audio a bit. This song was recorded with my camera's built-in mic, and the clips to come were recorded with my regular external mics. As you'll hear tomorrow, the externals win hands down, capturing a much fuller range of sound.

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